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Fascism is upon us and I do not mean this lightly. I am writing this piece in the context of recent struggles which have exposed the acute nature of the current sociopolitical landscape. With the recent passing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) “which [authorizes] the U.S. Government to use the US military to imprison American Citizens who question the government’s political agenda, and detain them with no charges, or trial, indefinitely (One Billion Against Indefinite Detention),” a stark and morbid reality has come to the forefront of American’s consciousness.

So what does this mean? The state is rapidly consolidating itself for preemptive repression. By this I mean that the power of the state is such that any and all political organizers can now be disappeared from society, restricted from even attempting to struggle for change in this wretched society where one starves in the cold before a mouth is fed for free. Capitalism is breaking. Inflation is rising. Jobs are disappearing. People’s futures and livelihoods are being threatened and taken away with each swift budget cut to public sectors which do not yield enough profit for the ruling class.

While people continue to have faith in the political legitimacy of the system, the ruling class and their state are blaming and punishing the oppressed for their own oppression. As they imprison the people, they use the media to ostracize the victims of fascist state repression from society. We saw this in the news coverage of recent occupy wallstreet protests. The ruling class sees to it that the people believe the oppressive hand of fascism rules from a place of benevolence and necessary prudence.

It is important to use the term “fascist” because it is an accurate representation of the relationship between capitalists and the modern state. Fascism is the extreme reactionary fusion between capitalists and the armed state for the repression of actions by the oppressed people which undermine the capitalist system of profit-making. This is to say that the armed men and women, who allegedly serve the people, exist exclusively to ensure that capitalists extract surplus value from working people.

The belief that the ultra-rich capitalists, who command entire economies with the astronomical amount of capital they own individually, have a right to the money they fetishize and hoard is problematic because it obscures the fact that the people’s money is stolen from them every day. Our power as a people is usurped from us when we trust in our own slave drivers. When we trust that men and women with guns on our streets beat and arrest and shoot us with positive intentions, we have relinquished our own political agency. We must understand that without our toiling hands and minds, this fascist imperialist system will only entrench itself further in its own money and power.

While it is true that Privilege is everywhere, a revolutionary consciousness must be attached to this culture of privilege checking. To ignore one’s own privilege as well as the privilege of others is incorrect as it cripples the possibility of healthy deconstruction of oppressive culture. Institutionalized Racism begets white privilege. Patriarchy and Male chauvinism begets male privilege, etc. However, it is White Supremacist Patriarchal Capitalism which creates all of these severe ailments. It is a revolutionary praxis of action and reflection fused with privilege deconstruction that truly unearths the causal forces of our oppression.

Fascism absolves all privileged persons of their personal responsibility to deconstruct their own privilege for the good of the community. Fascism rewards these privileged persons with physical power in addition to their financial power over other people, thus providing an incentive for people to acquire power under capitalism in order to be protected by the Fascist state. This also creates a disincentive for oppressed people to undercut privilege. This is the ultimate aim of Fascism, to remove all challenges to an Imperialist system.

It is the task of working class and oppressed peoples to become the successful challenge which overthrows Imperialism, thus ending the cyclical nature of capitalist crises. By reconstructing a more humanizing society based on the elimination of scarcity, we exterminate oppression by exploitation. In abolishing private ownership of the means of production and smashing the state which defends these archaic property forms, we eradicate fascism from history.

-Amai Jazz Freeman