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  • (I know its been a while since my last neuropolitics post. I have been studying and preparing for my next piece on Race, Gender, and Identity. However, I would like to claim this space to post some of my thoughts following the George Zimmerman Verdict. While it is obvious that this is unfortunate evidence of the racism in this country, it remains unclear how or what action could have been taken that would have qualitatively improved Martin’s family or conditions for black people in America as a group within the confines of the racist institutions of power. With all of this in mind, I attempted to name my feelings and perceptions about the reactionary tide that enabled Zimmerman to be found not guilty as well as the pain, sadness, frustration, and anger black people, POC, and allies have been expressing.)

Some Thoughts On the Struggle For Human Empathy Following the Verdict

Living in a society ruled by white privilege, institutional racism, economic exploitation, violent state repression, ideological illusions perpetuated by media, apathetic hate, the manifestations of oppression become almost too many to name.

Yet, we live these lives in this environment, constantly navigating the matrices of punishment and reward within a social system that favors wealth and exploitation. So we name these oppressive realities with our very existence.

As people become blinded by apathy to the human suffering that surrounds and engulfs this system of racist world imperialism, they choose to perpetuate and negate our experiences within a decaying system. They attempt to mute our voices with their hatred and fear.

At bottom, they fear such a reality in which their petty illusions of social mobility and privilege amount to a life that is but an insignificant  and grave indication of how emotionally destructive their identities have become as they have perpetuated narratives selfishness and vanity.

They fear that the quality of their lives is merely an indication of how many people’s deep suffering they have chosen to tolerate and accept in exchange for societal luxuries, psychological reassurance, and emotional stability. Rather than acknowledge the consequences of simply being born into a society in which there are castes and classes, oppressors and oppressed, workers and bosses, (all built upon bloody and racist histories) privileged people instead decide to fuel the thoroughgoing poisonous apathetic hatred that fuels racism.

Those people who have chosen racist apathy in the face the struggle against crushing institutional systems of oppression have also chosen the historical tides of brutal fascism and hatred in favor of egalitarian progress.

These people are villains walking among us.