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What is the nature of spontaneous protest and outrage?

Does it inevitably entail appeals to the state wherever there is not symbolic destruction of property?

I recognize how this might lend itself to vanguardism but that strategy seems disconnected and separate from the sentiments of oppressed communities.

The trotskyists would say such movements are unproductive and necessarily reformist unless they involve the direct power of the working class, but then the ability of the working class to spontaneously respond in solidarity to such actions seems unrealistic given the state of unions bureaucrat politics

what then is there left?

Theoretically I imagine an organization of leftists trained to react to spontaneous actions, focused on the safety and protection of the group regardless of the nature of the action as it develops. Keeping the lines of communication open within the group would be absolutely necessary. Such an organization would also have to be armed with sharp polemics aimed at reformists, apologists, and the state.

As I see it, I anticipate non-profits and community “leaders” apologizing for those people engaged in direct action and herding the outraged many into reformist actions and appeals to the state for justice. Granted, such a movement likely is not necessarily revolutionary in the sense that it grows to a point where control over community resources is contested by the oppressed and working class people, however, this does not mean that such a movement of people should be abandoned nor does it mean we should march blindly into actions or collaborate with the allies of the state.

Revolutionary intervention is still possible without the imposition of party politics and recruitment tactics.