Praxis and Capital

“Fascism is Capitalism in Decay.” – Vladimir Lenin

The Dual Function of Police As a Mediator of Fear

Considering how Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy is deployed amongst the general population, we must evaluate the material situation, i.e., the landscape of violence that causes people adhere to the existing order. The language and rituals we assume to be “natural” are intentionally constructed by law and enforced by a colonizing group authorized to wield forces of fear in a such a way that endorses specific behaviors under “civil society.” Each way we now relate to one another, each method of conduct we adorn in each social context is a learned strategy for survival developed and required by the colonizers of our ancestors. The state continues that legacy by preserving and strengthening the conditions of subjugation we are confronted with today.

The police state concerns itself with fear in two modalities:

  1. As an…

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