About the project

This is the fusion of Neuroscience with Marxist politics.

This is an ongoing theoretical project in which I hope to explore the many revolutionary implications of the rapidly increasing discoveries in neuroscience. Out of this process I hope to create new political theory based on these scientific and material facts. This is of the utmost importance to me for a number of reasons. I, like many of my comrades, believe there is a dangerous vacuum of leadership and unity within the left. In the age of imperialist decay, we have learned many lessons, but the path forward remains largely hidden, uncovered. Old revolutionary organizations have thoroughly isolated themselves from the working class, the oppressed, and the curious modern revolutionary left. The left is familiar with issues of sectarianism, hierarchy, male chauvinism, racism, and reformism just to name a few. These issues plague the left as a whole, yet we still lack a unified political program which can clear away these issues. We grope for safe horizontal spaces where sharing and developing new ideas and strategies for organizing is protected from the scrutiny of vanguard parties

But why is this such a problem? Why is it so hard for the left to increase it’s efficiency as a cohesive movement when we all wish to end oppression in all of it’s manifestations? This maddeningly important question is essentially what has driven me to search for answer. I have sought a new approach to dialectics, interpreting neuroscience with a marxist eye. NeuroPolitics is the process of deconstructing the stuff of political development, the forces at hand in political events, in political organizations, in a political society. NeuroPolitics is understanding why we come to the conclusions we do. NeuroPolitics is the attempt to dispel the many contradicting interpretations and applications of marxism , by reducing it to a basic understanding of the mind and root it in the factual cognitive processes of the brain.

NeuroPolitics is a method of deconstructing the true causal forces within a political atmosphere in order to reconstruct the left. Some of the pieces you find here will be purely scientific, some will be purely political or philosophical, but most often you will see a combination of the two. All of them are NeuroPolitical.

-Amai Freeman

1 thought on “About the project”

  1. gary olson said:

    Dear Amai,
    FYI: In the last 3-4 years I’ve written a number of articles on neuropolitics from a left perspective. Many of them have appeared on the Znet website.

    Gary Olson, Ph.D.
    Department of Political Science
    Moravian College
    Bethlehem, PA.

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